Banksia Global

Implementation PartnerTechnology Partner

Our consultants bring decades of experience building sophisticated products and integration solutions on platforms offered by InterSystems: IRIS Data Platform, HealthShare Integration Platform, and TrakCare EMR.

No matter what you have in mind, you can count on us to deliver.

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Software Development Consulting

Our team will work alongside your employees or contractors to take your project to the next level. Some aspects of InterSystems technology projects we can help with include:

  • Shape the architecture
  • Introduce best practicies
  • Set up automated build and installation procedures
  • Develop and run automated tests
  • Migrate your project into a cloud environment
  • Investigate and fix performance issues
  • Upgrade to newer versions of InterSystems platforms

No matter if you have a seasoned project or only an idea, we can help.

TrakCare Consulting

Unlock all the potential this world-class EMR system can bring into your hospital. We will deliver projects to help you integrate with third parties, such as apps, instruments and kiosks. We will improve the use of your data with analytics, reports, and insights. We can also build customised solutions integrated with TrakCare to meet your unique needs.

Integration Consulting

Data is the new oil of our times, and we will help you to collect, process, refine, integrate and analyse business data coming from information systems both within and outside of your company.

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