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Technology service

We specialise in low cost customized solutions. We pride ourselves in applying logical solutions that are engineered to deliver what the customer needs. The technologies we use are centred on rapid development and deployment.

Our experts have a broad experience delivering solutions using a variety of technologies that are practical and cost effective. They can advise on best practice and in many cases offer suggestions that will benefit the customer.

We listen to the requirements and then propose solutions that will:

  • Deliver the desired result within agreed timeframes
  • Enhance the solution by using technology/software the customer may not be aware of
  • Avoid unnecessary cost by streamlining and/or removing redundancy
  • Cost effective compared to current market trends
  • Be adaptable to changing needs and future proof the investment

As part of every project that we undertake we agree and provide a tailored delivery based on the customer’s needs that can include (but not limited to):

  • Test Environments – small scale to fully functioning
  • Implementation rollout – On site phased or big bang
  • Documentation – Functional Specification, Manuals
  • Support – As required based on Service Level Agreements.