InterSystems Global Summit 2022
June 20-23, Seattle WA
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Grupo MIR

Implementation Partner

We are Grupo MIR, a consultancy that has been operating for 18 years in the ERP Management Systems segment. We are specialists in Systems Integration projects (ERP, CRM, E-Commerce), in addition to specialist projects such as data transformations and Industry 4.0. Our goal is to help you make your business and your Company more efficient.

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Specialist consultancy in complex systems integration.
Analysis and design for the best data interaction solution between systems.

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Implementation of Intersystem IRIS for system integration:
ERP, CRM, PLC and Production Sensors, E-Commerce, Web Portals and other systems.

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Development of projects for Automation Industry 4.0. Connection between PLC and Production Line Sensors with the Corporate System and ERP.

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