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AI solutions that empower clinicians

Nuance solutions and services ensure information accuracy throughout the entire patient journey. Now, thanks to AI in healthcare, you can trust that clinical documentation and the patient story will always be “first time right.”

Documentation capture solutions

Secure, cloud‑based clinical documentation capabilities that accurately and efficiently capture the patient story into all major EMR platforms. Our AI‑powered Speech Recognition soluions offer the freedom and flexibility to complete patient notes and simplify the documentation process using automated workflow options that dramatically boost productivity and reduce costs.

Dragon Medical One

Cloud‑based speech recognition that provides a consistent and personalised clinical documentation experience across solutions, platforms and devices regardless of physical location. Save time and increase efficiency with the most powerful cloud‑ based speech recognition in the world.

The future of healthcare

Nuance is reinventing the doctor patient experience with ambient sensing and understanding technology by building on decades of healthcare experience, an extensive market footprint, and its highly—scalable, multi channel virtual assistant platform.

PowerScribe One

A radiology reporting platform utilising Nuance powerful cloud-based speech recognition and natural language processing to enable the rapid and efficient creation of high-quality, actionable radiology reports.

mPower Clinical Analytics

Our NLP driven, cloud-based platform delivers meaningful analytics used to profile the organisation’s performance across relevant metrics. This information helps drive initiatives that make a real difference to clinical and business outcomes.



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