myCTS - my commercial technology solutions

Solution Partner

myCTS is one of InterSystems most renowned technology partners in Central Europe! Our experienced team not only develops bespoke software solutions for large scale business applications but also developed web HERALD, a Highly Extensible Rapid Application Development framework, the ultimate server-based platform for Caché Developers created by our inhouse Caché Developers. Enjoy using the latest platform-independent technology for all browser-based applications, from desktop to smartphone, without the need for separate, time consuming and expensive native app development.

Save up to 50% on time and costs of all your web-based applications!

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a Highly Extensible Rapid AppLication Developement

The ultimate server-based Framework for IRIS/Caché Developers created by IRIS/Caché Developers. The latest, platform independent technology for all browser based applications from desktop to smartphone!

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