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InterSystems supports data-driven startups in the healthcare, financial
services and supply chain industries. Our technology powers the world’s most
important applications - come build with us!

How we help startups succeed:

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Acceleration Programs

For early-stage startups. Includes deep dives into InterSystems technology and tailored training from top experts. Turn ideas into prototypes, validate your MVP, and prepare for pre-seed and seed funding rounds.
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Startup Growth Toolkits

Low- and no-cost technical, marketing, and sales enablement tools designed for seed or pre-seed level startups using InterSystems technology in their solution.
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InterSystems Venture Fund

Early investments in healthtech, fintech and supply chain startups that use InterSystems technology.
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Acceleration Program

Whether your startup has a product or just an idea, learn how you can succeed with InterSystems!

Join our Acceleration Program to gain access to InterSystems technologies, mentorship and funding.

We’ll help you develop your innovative data solution, build a prototype, validate your MVP and prepare for your first funding round.

Acceleration Programs run for 6-9 months.

What we provide:

Free InterSystems tools
Expert Guidance
One-on-one or group sessions with InterSystems mentors
Workshops with top healthcare, technology, product, legal and marketing experts
Engineering Support
One-on-ones with InterSystems engineers
Market validation
Real-world product testing at a leading healthcare facility
Opportunities to establish yourself in the global healthtech community and recruit new team members
Fundraising Opportunities
Events to secure initial investments from leading VC funds

Find your accelerator

Caelestinus is a FHIR healthtech incubator based in Prague

Calestinus is powered by InterSystems and supported by IKEM - the biggest transplant center in Europe. Pre-registration for 2023 seats are now open. Please register at or sign up now

US accelerator: coming soon

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Startup Growth Toolkit

If your seed or pre-seed level startup uses InterSystems technology, apply to access a wide range of free and discounted technical, marketing, and sales enablement tools.

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Available benefits:

90 day free trial of InterSystems tools
Certification savings
50% discount on select InterSystems certification exam fees
Discounts on select InterSystems virtual classroom training courses
Engineering Support
One-on-ones with InterSystems engineers
Webinar production
Promo Blocks on InterSystems Developer Community
Promotional posts for products, services, events or job openings
Google AdWords and LinkedIn Ads
$1,000 monthly vouchers for Google AdWords and LinkedIn Ads promotional campaigns

InterSystems Venture Fund

We’re looking for fast-growing, data-driven startups that improve the lives of people around the world.

We invest in pre-seed and seed level startups in healthtech, fintech and supply chain that use InterSystems technology in their product.

Please learn more at the fund's page.

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Submit your application

Meet the startups powered by InterSystems:

Data-driven, end-to-end healthy aging platform for personalized value-based senior care
Preventative care close to your home and office with to MALIA - the portable lab enabling early disease detection
Czech Republic
An AI platform for early detection of cognitive impairment, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
Unique, skills-based virtual training solution to significantly reduce error rates and ensure the delivery of appropriate care in critical situations
Czech Republic
Electronic health record exchange and appointment scheduling platform designed to connect clinics, insurance and pharma companies, doctors and patients
Virtual assistant for personalized disease treatment
Revolutionary cloud-based solution for faster, more accurate genetic research
Manage medications and prescriptions with the mobile app that never misses a single pill
Czech Republic

About InterSystems

We provide next generation data solutions for enterprise digital transformations.

As the leading provider of data solutions for industries with complex challenges like healthcare, financial services, and supply chain, we realize that lives and livelihoods rely on our technology.

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Healthy data matters

Making a powerful impact on the health of data across
multiple sectors. Is your data healthy?

1 Billion

Health records managed using InterSystems technology across the world


Transactions processed per day for the world's largest container shipping company


Percentage of hospitals on the U.S. News & World Report Honor Roll use our products

About technology

Check out InterSystems cloud offerings for startups:

InterSystems FHIR Server – a fully managed, enterprise-grade FHIR service, hosted on AWS and available in the US and Europe

HealthShare Message Transformation Services – automate the transformation of healthcare data to FHIR R4 resources and deposit the resources into a cloud based data repository

InterSystems Health Connect Cloud – a healthcare integration engine that delivers high-volume transaction support, process management, and monitoring to support mission critical applications

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