InterSystems Startup Program

InterSystems invites startups to apply for the
InterSystems Startup Program

Who is eligible for the program?

Pre-seed or seed level startups that use
InterSystems products or technology in their

What are the benefits?

  • 90 day trials of InterSystems FHIR Server, InterSystems FHIR Transformation Services, and InterSystems Health Connect Cloud on AWS
  • $1,000 Google Ads Monthly Campaign
  • Webinar for InterSystems Developers
  • $1,000 LinkedIn Monthly Campaign
  • InterSystems Mentors and Engineering Support

How long does it last?

The program is one year long

After the end of the program a
startup can apply again

See Also: InterSystems FHIR Startup Incubator

How to apply:

1Sign up for Partner Portal
2 Fill in your company data and
send for approval
3 As soon as you get approved
as a partner apply for the
Startup Program