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We invest in fast-growing, data-driven startups that improve the lives of people around the world

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About InterSystems

InterSystems provides next generation data solutions for enterprise digital transformations.

As the leading provider of data solutions for industries with complex challenges like healthcare, financial services, and supply chain, we realize that lives and livelihoods rely on our technology.

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We are global

We serve our customers from 35 global office locations, and our software is
in use in over 80 countries around the world

Our investment focus

We invest in pre-seed and seed-level startups in healthcare, fintech, and supply chain, focusing on the global markets.

We are looking for talented founders and teams with proven and ready-to-go technology built with InterSystems technology.

We consider venture deals with startups from the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia with registered ltd in the USA.

Healthеch, Fintech, Supply chain
Pre-seed, Seed
Global markets
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Unlock the potential of your data. Make better decisions. Improve customers' experiences. Move your business forward.

InterSystems for Startups – the initiative that helps startups succeed

Learn how you can succeed with InterSystems:

Acceleration Programs

For early-stage startups. Includes deep dives into InterSystems technology and tailored training from top experts. Turn ideas into prototypes, validate your MVP, and prepare for pre-seed and seed funding rounds.
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Startup Growth Toolkits

Low- and no-cost technical, marketing, and sales enablement tools designed for seed or pre-seed level startups using InterSystems technology in their solution.
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Meet the startups powered by InterSystems:

Data-driven, end-to-end healthy aging platform for personalized value-based senior care
Preventative care close to your home and office with to MALIA - the portable lab enabling early disease detection
Czech Republic
An AI platform for early detection of cognitive impairment, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
Unique, skills-based virtual training solution to significantly reduce error rates and ensure the delivery of appropriate care in critical situations
Czech Republic
Electronic health record exchange and appointment scheduling platform designed to connect clinics, insurance and pharma companies, doctors and patients
Virtual assistant for personalized disease treatment
Revolutionary cloud-based solution for faster, more accurate genetic research
Manage medications and prescriptions with the mobile app that never misses a single pill
Czech Republic

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