Kano MDM

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Kano MDM brings simplicity and innovation to Master Data Management. Kano MDM team is focused on quality and client benefits from successfully implemented MDM system. Kano MDM is an efficient Master Data Management software product, with a complete set of features for successful implementation of complex MDM projects.

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Kano MDM team helps you to take your first steps towards digital transformation and guides you every step of the way.
Our experts design the most appropriate MDM architecture based on the business’s requirements and goals in conjunction with the existing enterprise architecture. We also develop Kano MDM implementation plan.
In addition to a complete Kano MDM consultation, the experienced team guides the customers and partners in InterSystems technology.
Our customers may always count on our advice and solutions for any database management issues.

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Kano MDM, in conjunction with our highly experienced professional services team, offers you all of the functionality, flexibility, and expert insight required to implement Kano MDM and help to turn data volume into data value. We have developed a unique Kano MDM implementation model that minimizes project risks and guarantees customer success. Kano MDM team recommends a PoC, as a solid foundation for a full-scale implementation project.
Kano MDM is a high-performance, reliable, and secure solution, based on InterSystems data platforms:

  • InterSystems IRIS
  • InterSystems IRIS for Health
  • Ensemble
    You can rely on our team in implementation and optimization. We will be by your side to get high-quality assurance and testing of the software.
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The Kano MDM team provides a complete course of Kano MDM administration and management for our customers and partners. This knowledge allows to solve or even prevent a significant part of the master data management issues and application integration questions by customers’ own efforts. Courses can be provided in the classroom or online.
We can also support our customers' team in InterSystems platforms, so that customer’s developers can be quickly involved in the further work process. At the training sessions, we explain in detail how to implement, customize, and maintain InterSystems IRIS and Ensemble.

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