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We're publishing it here because developers on the InterSystems platforms are increasingly using VSCode to edit their codebase, including via our 'Serenji' extension. However 'The Folding Stuff' works with any VSCode document that already supports folding and unfolding.

What's new in this version

  • Run locally when possible. This avoids the need to install on a remote server when connecting from VS Code desktop.

The Folding Stuff README

The Folding Stuff from George James Software is a simple extension that adds options to the context menu of documents open in Visual Studio Code. This makes it easier to use the standard facilities for folding and unfolding code blocks.


Extra entries on the context menu of any document you're working on.

  • Fold - fold the code block you are currently in.
  • Unfold - unfold here.
  • Fold Recursively - recursively fold the code block you are currently in.
  • Unfold Recursively - recursively unfold here.
  • Fold All - fold all blocks in the document.
  • Fold All Block Comments - an example of a block comment is:
/* Some stuff that explains
   what's going on in the code,
   or perhaps containing some code that's temporarily disabled */
  • Unfold All - unfold all blocks in the document.


There is only one requirement - realistic expectations. The Folding Stuff doesn't magically improve VS Code's abilities to fold and unfold code blocks. It merely adds a context menu submenu that let you access the existing (un)folding commands.

0.1.227 Sep, 2022
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16 Apr, 2019